Portrait by Shirley Masters

Canadian artist, Shirley Masters, dedicated a full year of her life capturing the life and witness of Joël and Daniel on canvas. At eighty years old, this was quite an undertaking. Shirley wrote to us on September 10, 2003, saying: “At long last, the painting of the boys is finished! I will be forever bound to Daniel and Joël in a very profound way. They have both impacted my life, as we have shared many hours together with the beautiful voices of Sir Harry Secombe and Norma Bordeau encouraging every brush stroke with hymns of faith. I will never listen to the tapes again without a special remembrance of two precious boys. Their witness lives on! He lives! And so do they!!!”

She continued with, “I am still re-reading the wonderful book by Mr. Mason. He sure does hit the nail on the head! I was especially intrigued by his vision on page 185. It opened up a whole revelation to me and I was astounded that it had never occurred to me before. Of course, Christ had to be ‘ugly’! Do we not revere the attractive person and adversely judge all others as unimportant? Only with spiritual eyes and discernment can we see past the physical and recognize the incredible, unspeakable beauty and glory of God! Eighty years old and I had missed it!!! Praise God for that wonderful vision and the writer who shared it!

(Shirley Masters has since passed on to be with her Lord.  She worked on the portrait despite suffering a stroke.  I believe this is the last portrait she ever painted)