Sermon outline by rev. Robert Landry

Words come with difficulty at a time like this. None of us are ready, and none of us are really able to express how we feel.

This tragedy has claimed the lives of two wonderful, funny and energetic boys! And we are all deeply affected!

- mom and dad
- relatives
- youth group
- church members
- school friends
It is all so unfair!!!

It is all so inexplicable!!!

My first comment friends, is that we will probably never know what happened and why it happened while we are here on earth…

My second comment is that we should not be blaming God for this tragedy.

God is not behind everything that happens here on earth. Some things happen that are not the will of God at all.

- sin entered this world without God wanting to!

- death came into the world in result of sin.

This was not according to Gods’ will!

And the enormous sacrifice that God did in sending His only begotten Son to become sin so that we may be saved from sin and its eternal salary should be proof enough!!!

After hearing about the accident, and then finding Michael and Rennie I went with them to identify the bodies. Michael and Rennie were able to hold the hands of the boys and say goodbye.

The next morning, Rennie said to me that as she was holding Daniel’s hand she received a verse from the Lord found in Luc 24.6: “He is not here for he is risen…

We cannot explain the “whys” of this tragedy, but we are thankful that we can have hope with the results…

Joël and Daniel are both together.

The two boys grew up together. In Africa and here… And they both entered heaven together!

I wonder what they said, when they entered?

I am personally touched, not only because Joël and Daniel were like my boys, but also because my personal faith in Jesus Christ was the result of a car accident involving my twin brother and the death of a 15 year old girl.

The tragedy is real, yet the result was the beginning of an eternal walk that will bring me to the day when I will see my boys again, with the Lord Jesus.

In Hebrews 11.13, 14 we read, These all died in faith… having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. For people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland”

This affirms the biblical view of life as a journey, as a pilgrimage.

We live in tents. Tents? Aren’t they for vacationers or refugees or displaced persons or transients?

We all have homes, but however much we try to disguise it, we live in tents. We are all moving along, strangers and exiles on earth.

Yet, the earth is not our home. Life is a journey from eternity through space and time, to eternity…

This summer, the Roop family went to France on a mission to help and to vacation as a family. From the pictures we have we can see that they had a wonderful time!

But there came an end to their sojourn there. The time was up, and however much that they wanted to stay, they had to return home…

It is sad to leave your friends who were on mission and vacation with you, yet you must take the plane and return to were you belong. And what rejoicing to arrive home!!!

I leave with you, Michael and Rennie, to hold tight to the hope that when your journey will be over you will rejoice with your boys again, forever!!! May your journey be however filled with grace by the Lord Himself as you live through the emptiness that the death of Joël and Daniel has given.

I leave with you, friends and relatives, the hope found in a personal walk with Jesus Christ, that was characterised in the lives of Joël and Daniel.

May God be glorified, even in tragedy! !!