Just Talking

Hey there people! This is just some stuff I have on my mind that I want to share.

This is a quote from the Supertones, their “Supertones Strike Back” CD. It says :

“Oh yeah, I got a beef with the fence sitters
tiers among the wheat, the cop-outs, the quitters
cut from the branch fruitless, no good,
only one use and that’s firewood
pay no mind to the generation line
forsake your sect and be color blind
The problem’s not Hollywood, the problem’s not Washington
The problem’s a weak divided church of schizmed Christians.

If there is one thing that crimps evangelism is people seing “unpracticing” or “fake” christians. A lot of people already think that christians are hypocrites, and that dosen’t help.We have got to be radical christians. I’m talking about living the word of God every day, not just reading, but acting on it, living it. That’s what this world needs to see. Man, I just love it how Supertones put it with lines like this:”Last breath before the candle flickers out I will speak the name of Jesus” and “I will keep preaching till I’m took out, till I’m heaven in route, no sell out.” God has just soo blessed my life, and my life is just starting. This summer during a mission trip in France, God showed me once more that he loves me and that he has a plan for my life. I would have lost my life by electrocution, I blew every fuse in a three story building (and no rubber on the pliers!). Miraculously, less than a half hour later I was back working with no injuries. Praise God! It’s not easy, it never is, but it sure is worth it, and I never regret putting on the title of Jesus Freak. I just want to encourage all of the people who took that choice as well, my family you could say, that we already have the victory!