My Poems

Again and Again

Again and again, when times are bleak,
I stray from you Lord.
Again and again surprised, I find myslef weak,
Forgetting to take your sword.

Again and again it lasts a day, a week,
Letting my flame grow weak.
Again and again tears from your face leak,
For it is no longer you I seek.

Again and again for me you weep,
My faith goes to sleep.
Again and again you faithfully wait,
Even though I’m alwais late.

Again and again you try to help me gain,
I only let it wither in vain.
Again and again you try again
Your efforts I have constantly slain.

Again and again I finally realise,
That I have worth in your eyes.
Again and again I call unto you
You alwais pull me through.

Again and again in joy you weep,
Because of Joy I weep.
Again and again your joy I will keep,
This time for much more than a week.
….And you never stop loving me, again and again.


I looked a man right into his eye
It told me he was ready to die
From those eyes flowed many tears
Tears held back for many years.

Thorns cut deep in his forehead
To his death he was being led
The skin of his back completely shred
From his wounds his blood shed.

His face was twisted in pain
His body slowly bein slain
Agony followed every step
People looked, no one wept.

His hands and feet were nailed to wood
He was delt as cruelly as they could
His cry rang aloud
Of all this some were proud.

I looked that man in his eyes
I saw something I haden’t realised
Love overflowed from his eyes
I could not comprehend it’s size.

I could only watch as he died
I could only watch as he cried
But he was crying for us
He died to save us.


Stand Up!

You’ve put us down, pushed us around,
Now we’re standing up about to disrupt!
You can’t stop us we represent Jesus
Neither afraid nor weak, my title : Jesus freak
You cannot compete with the God almighty
We’ve got you beat we know it already
I’m not into hiding no more denying
Of this I am proud I’ll yell it out loud!
Always in Satan’s face, always in his way
He’s always on our case trying to stop us all day