A book by Mike Mason

Best-selling Canadian author, Mike Mason, dedicated his newest book in memoriam to Joël and Daniel.

Mike is married to Karen, a longtime friend of Rennie’s. In fact, Karen was influential in Rennie coming to know the Lord. On October 17, 2000, Mike wrote the following in a letter to us:

“For I really believe that beneath all sorrow lies joy. Sometimes the joy seems far, far beneath, but it is still there, as sure as the stars are in the sky even though covered by clouds. And I’m sure you will have experienced how at other times the joy lies very close to the surface, just a layer of skin away, and sometimes even breaks through the surface like a big beautiful fish jumping out of the water. As you approach the anniversary of your sons’ death, I pray that the Lord will give you not just comfort but great joy – bold, leaping joy that will jump beyond the grave to enter the kingdom of heaven that we know is the real truth. I hope and pray that the Lord will fill you with this joy, and this same determination to rise up against all the darkness and all the enemy’s lies to fight for the joy that is rightfully yours. I also hope the dedication pleases you, and honours you as parents of heroes, and reminds you of God’s tender, loving and personal care for you at all times.”

“Champagne for the Soul” is available in Christian Bookstores everywhere.